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Delivering value throughout a continously changing project

This project developed at the same time as the political policy shaping it did. It was a true test of the Agile manifesto’s 2nd commandment.

The vision was to empower large levy paying employers to spend the funds they had contributed through the levy they paid.

Broadly split the product first claimed funds the employer had paid and then made a declaration to the Skills Funding Agency to spend said funds. In between features like access level control, digital signatures and skeuomorphed bank statements we aimed to make the news solution easier to use than the last despite having more onus on the end user.

Mobile navigation illustration

This sketch showed just how much navigation and headers came before actual content. It looked at ways we could collapse some of the content into a priority pattern where by only the most used elements are shown by default.

Tabular data

Many screens involved the presentation of tabular data. This was often mocked up so we could easily change their content.


We iterated on our graphs multiple times with multiple stakeholders. Our most productive sessions came when we worked with the BIT to re-engineer the visualisations in such a way that they nudged users to make more positive choices. This included deploying loss aversion techniques and demonstrating the exponential returns on additional funding.

Page layout concept

Various UIs would be mocked up like this to consider the spread of information on a page. Did it narrate a story or was it too much information.


Sketching was an important part of our design process. We often had to reflect complex fiscal and organisational structures in our designs and using whiteboards allowed us to quickly redraw and collaborate on our ideas.

Dedicated user research

As well as 4 shared researchers our team benefited from 1 dedicated researcher to collaborate with and get answers to very specific hypothesis.

Weekly research playback

We were able to turn around a hypothesis in as little as one week. Rolling interview sessions meant we could user test in a Kanban fashion.

Dual track agile

I introduced a Kanban board that was a sprint ahead of the delivery scrum to allow research to feed into design before being caught up in the need to deliver the final solution.

MVP Interface

Our MVP for April 2017 allows users to complete several transactions. In Government each transactional product is assessed by a central board, our product challenged this status quo through it’s amalgamation of several products into one larger service.

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