UX Manifesto

This manifesto is a declaration of principals all UX Designers should hold in order to champion the needs of the user.

The UX Manifesto is in iteration 1

  • Speed over Accuracy
  • Hypothesis over assumptions
  • Small over large
  • Collaboration over Specification
  • Learning over Delivery

  • Share early and often
  • Everyone does design
  • Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups
  • Test the riskiest assumptions first
  • Conversations are expensive, make them small, do them often

  • Measure everything
  • (in)validated learning is our primary measure of success
  • Simplicity is the mastery of complexity
  • UX is messy, your process, your design, your learnings. Know what tools to use and when to pivot.

Speed over accuracy

Our designs need not be works of art. By testing frequently with our users we will achieve higher accuracy more quickly than if we had been slow and measured at the start.

Hypothesis over assumptions

Assumptions lack a falsifiable test that you can use to demonstrate it's value. Always add rigour to your ideas through experimentation. 

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